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Classic Cars Show Dubai 2015

Hi guys,

I would like to share with you-car lovers, some pics from latest Dubai Classic Car Show finished week ago.

It was amazing experience to see all that master pieces at same place.

Held on February, 2009, at the new venue in Downtown Dubai, the Emirates Classic Car Festival was billed as one of the most competitive events of its kind in the region.

There was a hundreds of classic cars from different countries showed on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Some private collectors showcased their exclusive collections.

Some of the cars were showed for first time in the public since the time of restoration.

This year it was 6th edition and as always it was amazing experience with so many beautiful and unique cars made between 1928-1984.

There were Corvette StingRay, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford and many many more.

Beside of classic, visitors were able to see some other custom cars, “Hot Rats”…

I’ve uploaded here my favorites, however if you would like to see full gallery,please click on this link:                                Classic Cars Gallery


Convertible Classic CarsClassic CarsCustom CarsCorvette Hot RatClassic CarsBack to the futureClassic CarsRolls Royce Classic CarsClassic CarsFord Mustang Classic Classic Cars


Sunset, somehow for me the best part of the day.

Some people prefer sunrise, some people like noon. I like sunset.
Exactly that part when you can see the movement of the sun, going behind the hill or touching the water of the sea, so far, but so near.

That few seconds, maybe minutes it’s always open my mind with hundreds of questions.

Most of the time I ask myself if I’m doing right think by being so focused of my career, working so hard for some “better tomorrow” which may, but it may not come.

Maybe I should just quick everything, take my wife’s hand and hit the road.

Go for some trip around world, visit all that awesome places and enjoy the sunsets all over the world.

How does sunset look like on Chines Wall?

Or Phuket, Thailand.

Or Bali, Indonesia?

Or maybe Bahamas, Costa Rica, Cuba, or other exotic places.

What about Tibet?

Should we go by plane, train, a bike?
Where we gonna stay? Who cares, we would bring a tent and stay under the stars! Yes. That’s good idea.

Double Tree JBR - Final Shoot, Edited Images 26

For sure.

Yes, we are going. Tomorrow I will resign my job and we will hit the road.

And that’s it. Sun is already gone behind the line between sea and the sky.

I have to get back to the office.

My favorite part of the day is gonne s fast.

I have to wait tomorrow to continue the road trip with my wife, happening only in my head!

Maybe I will never get to know how the sunset looks like from the Chines Wall.

Mercedes SLS AMG vs Ferrari 458 Italia

I’ve got a chance to “catch” this two beautiful cars at same place. I’m big car lover and I have spent a loot of time walking around and enjoying for me this beautiful view. Those who love cars would understand 🙂 First question in my head it was:”What if i got a chance (in my dreams) to choose between this two cars, which one I would take?” As per my knowledge Mercedes SLS AMG cost starts from 180.000 USD Ferrari 458 Italia is “a bit” more expensive, with starting price of 220.000 USD. It’s not necessary to discuss performance, because I thing both cars got amazing performance that is not possible to “overcome” by us-normal people. DSC_0123 That’s topic to be discussed by the people on F1 track, since that’s the only place where you can drive those cars up to their limit. However it would be so nice to own any of them, if nothing just to take them for a ride on some special occasions. Let’s hope, who knows, maybe one day when other cars start flying, this two will be affordable to us. 🙂   DSC_0126

Lamborghini Got a Fine

Where I’m coming from (and many other places, I’m sure you will agree) that would be impossible, but here in Dubai it’s absolutely normal that polic6454e officer make a parking fine for anyone-doesn’t matter what car person drives.

It was the case today with this $500.000 Lamborghini Aventador LP.
They guy parked just in front of residential building entrance and left. Few minutes later police officer came and put the fine on his windshield.
What I’ve used to see in other countries, if you are some rich guy than you can park anywhere you want and no one will bother you. If you are just some average guy with average or cheap car, every small mistake you make, police will fine you. It’s the same with parking.
If you are just a normal everyday normal guy and you park your car in front of the shop, once you get back in just few minutes, you will receive a fine. The guys with expensive cars can park anywhere and as long as they want.

So all I want to say is good to see some justice which is not judged by the car you drive or “depth of your wallet”.


Well done Dubai police.

One Love For Parents

Few days ago I was walking down the street, Jumeirah road in Dubai, taking some photos, enjoying day. Than I’ve noticed this scene captured in video.
People, Indian people were working on the constructions building, time of sunset, but still very hot…I think all of you heard how hot is in Dubai with all that humidity.
Anyhow, construction work is hard work even if it is done by nice weather.
Just few steps away, small kid were playing Indian favorite game cricket.
It’s nothing unusual, but it’s came to my mind…Those workers on the construction building may be parents of kids who are playing cricket. And than I remember my parents. And parents of all of us.
All life after our birth, all what most parents do, they do for us. Their children. They just want to make us happy, to provide us with food, good education, to try to make our life easier as much as possible. Even if they have to struggle by hard work or anything else.
But we will all admit, that most of the time we are not really thankful for all what they have done for us. Maybe all of us could do a bit better to make our parents happy. We grow up, we go away from home, came just sometimes here and there…Calling once per week, month…But one day we may be sorry because we did not spend more time and give more love to our parents.
Sometimes truth is so sad…
One love for our parents! God bless

How to get job in Dubai

(Note: English is not my mother language, I would like to apologize if there are expected mistake, and will appreciate your corrections and suggestions. Thank you)

So many young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia , and many more east-European countries looking for a job outside of their countries. In the following steps, I’ll try to explain in a simple way how to find a job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi – in, in Qatar or wherever you want . And not just to find a job, but by time to progress and develop your career as well.

It’s “working” 100 %. I’ll take myself as an example. I graduated from Mechanical Engineering School ( Not really important ) , arrived in Dubai as an assistant waiter , in 18 months I have progressed , passing all positions regularly, learning and developing experience , to the position of manager.

Currently I’m  Asst. Front Office Manager in most popular part of Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Residence, a 43 floors hotel , 356 apartments (total 700 units ) , three restaurants , a bar , a lounge … nice place to be and to work.

The company provides a visa, accommodation, transportation, once per year airline ticket to home country, insurance, and food at work…

Also my wife got a job in the biggest shopping center in the world, Dubai Mall, working in Sales & Marketing team for a popular Italian company that represents all the popular brands like Armani, Prada, D & G , Versace …

Then I would like to mention my friend Alem , known in Sarajevo as Cicko , DJ from night club “Sloga” , who will come to UAE in next few days. He got a job in one 5* hotel as a residence DJ in hotels night club.

Then my lil’ brother who works in Abu Dhabi Ferrari World more than a year already…

And there’s still plenty other ppl who came to UAE and find good jobs, developed career…

What is difference between UAE and other countries? For example, in my origin country, company owners and manager are not looking at your experience.

They will look in to the papers “diplomas” you’ve got, who is your connection (cousin who recommended you) and similar. But they really forget important thing. In most of the cases, Experience is more important than diploma you hold. In school you will learn so many things, but in the real “Action” you will get experience and learn the things they don’t teach in school.

In UAE is different story. Company owners and managers, they first look at your experience, then education. For sure I can say that you will get job before with good experience and not that much education than if you have good education but no experience

The city is totally open for the opportunities from the auto industry, hospitality, sales, real estate and much more. You can do everything you want and whatever you think you are capable to do, you just have to be persistent.

So let’s get job!


Let’s say, you wake up one morning, you are not happy with life you live, it’s very cold winter  morning, (Dubai +30 at same time J )you don’t want to go out even and you decide to change sometning in your life, to try something new, so you want to move .

Knowledge of the English language is Prerequisite (doesn’t have to be perfect, for some positions you need just to be able to understand and communicate to pass Skype interview, one you are in UAE you will develop your language in few months)


Curriculum Vitae:

Copied from templates-website

CV Sample Image

Make a good means a GOOD CV.

I’ll advise you do not download some prepared CV and just fill up the info. Make your own. Be creative and professional. Include all experience you’ve got. I mean ALL. Attach all diplomas and certificates which can back up your experience. Make professional photo (passport photo, a bit bigger profile photo)

Make sure you wear nice shirt, put a tie and be professional. Don’t upload you FB photo with Hawaii t-shirt J

Just go to Google and search “good CV sample”, there is so many different ways to make a good one.

Do not forget to include accurate contact details, e-mail ,address and phone number

It’s also important to make a good “cover letter”


One you have prepared good CV, start researching.

Research about position you are applying for, about company’s profiles, about people who are already working there. Find out what the companies are looking for so you can prepare yourself better. How much is salary, what companies of your profile provide, what other people say about particular companies etc. It’s all about being ready.


You’ve done a CV , you have researched the market , decide what you want to do in Dubai (or somewhere else) , means it’s time to start to apply for a job .

There are hundreds of sites where you can apply.

I’ll always suggest applying directly to employer, without any agencies and “bridges” who promise this and that and take commission. (there are some very good agencies to whom you can trust, but first you have to research about it and see what other people say about particular agencies)

As a first page where you can look for a job, I would to mention dubizzle.com

Open the page. On the left side you will find “drop” menu.

Choose option all cities and to in “drop” option choose line JOBS.

Then at the next “drop” choose what kind of work. Example: Sales, Hospitality, Automotive…

Create a profile, Log in using e-mail , one time required to upload a CV and then you can apply for all suitable positions

Next one I would point out catererglobal.com and hospitality.com

http://www.dubizzle.com/     http://www.catererglobal.com/                                 http://www.hozpitality.com/       http://www.indeed.ae/?r=us

Catererglobal and hozpitality would recommend to people who are looking for a job in hospitality industry. There you can find jobs in Dubai, Thailand, Maldives…all over the world…

The pages are very clear and easy to use. Create a profile, upload your CV and then apply, apply, apply…J

Next one I would recommend indeed.com ( indeed.ae for Emirates ) page that offers absolutely all the kind of businesses around the world . For example, if you type the indeed.co.uk you will be able to check offer for the UK. indeed.ae for Emirates etc. ..

There is a hundred other online sites where you can look for a job. Another good way is if you go to any company web site and click career. There you will find job offers from that company.

It is very important to be persistent. You may send 30 , 50 , 100 CV – s, and you may not get a positive response , but maybe just the next one you send is a “bingo”

Do not give up.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by my e-mail utenzilije@gmail.com

Next post will be about interview (Skype interview) where I’ll explain how that’s look like and what questions generally recruiters ask. Basically how to prepare yourself for that moment when you receive positive answer from company and when they set up “online meeting” (Skype interview) with you

It’s not difficult; you just need to be persistent.

So what are you waiting for, Sign out from FB and get a job! J

Good luck

Thank you for reading