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Classic Cars Show Dubai 2015

Hi guys,

I would like to share with you-car lovers, some pics from latest Dubai Classic Car Show finished week ago.

It was amazing experience to see all that master pieces at same place.

Held on February, 2009, at the new venue in Downtown Dubai, the Emirates Classic Car Festival was billed as one of the most competitive events of its kind in the region.

There was a hundreds of classic cars from different countries showed on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Some private collectors showcased their exclusive collections.

Some of the cars were showed for first time in the public since the time of restoration.

This year it was 6th edition and as always it was amazing experience with so many beautiful and unique cars made between 1928-1984.

There were Corvette StingRay, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford and many many more.

Beside of classic, visitors were able to see some other custom cars, “Hot Rats”…

I’ve uploaded here my favorites, however if you would like to see full gallery,please click on this link:                                Classic Cars Gallery


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Mercedes SLS AMG vs Ferrari 458 Italia

I’ve got a chance to “catch” this two beautiful cars at same place. I’m big car lover and I have spent a loot of time walking around and enjoying for me this beautiful view. Those who love cars would understand 🙂 First question in my head it was:”What if i got a chance (in my dreams) to choose between this two cars, which one I would take?” As per my knowledge Mercedes SLS AMG cost starts from 180.000 USD Ferrari 458 Italia is “a bit” more expensive, with starting price of 220.000 USD. It’s not necessary to discuss performance, because I thing both cars got amazing performance that is not possible to “overcome” by us-normal people. DSC_0123 That’s topic to be discussed by the people on F1 track, since that’s the only place where you can drive those cars up to their limit. However it would be so nice to own any of them, if nothing just to take them for a ride on some special occasions. Let’s hope, who knows, maybe one day when other cars start flying, this two will be affordable to us. 🙂   DSC_0126