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Bonny Always Wants More

Meet Bonny.

That cute small adorable Maltese who always wants all of yours attention.

The other day I was playing Play Station when Bonny came next to me and kept asking to cuddle him.

Whenever I stopped , he pooled my hand and asked for more.

And than I pretend that I farted, and Bonny hates when someone farting,

When he hears annoying noise of for him, he make that strange look.

There is a lot of more stories and photos of Bonny, trust me you gonna love him 🙂

I’ll post more soon.

Chasing the Sunset

Made this photo during our visit to Istanbul.

Is not necessary to talk a lot about the city, I believe most of the people knows how wonderful city is.

What impressed me are the sunsets in Istanbul.

During sunset the sky become magic. But really magic, with a lot of different colors.

One afternoon I’ve decides to go a bit up to hill to capture this beautiful sunset.

My wife Emma, she was running after me, begging me to stop 🙂 (photographers would understand) 🙂

But i was going up to hill more and more until I realize that I may miss it. The magic moment doesn’t last forever. It last only for 30 to 45 seconds.

And that’s where I took the shoot.

For sure one of my favorite photos.
Istanbul Sunset