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Bonny Always Wants More

Meet Bonny.

That cute small adorable Maltese who always wants all of yours attention.

The other day I was playing Play Station when Bonny came next to me and kept asking to cuddle him.

Whenever I stopped , he pooled my hand and asked for more.

And than I pretend that I farted, and Bonny hates when someone farting,

When he hears annoying noise of for him, he make that strange look.

There is a lot of more stories and photos of Bonny, trust me you gonna love him 🙂

I’ll post more soon.

The Contrast

One of my favorite photos taken lately.
I was walking around Jumeirah public beach when I notices this interesting contrast.
I call it “Contrast” because it’s shows mix of cultures. In the world we live, on one side, example most of Europe Union countries woman is not allowed to walk around with “HIJAB” (to be covered). In some of the countries they fine woman if she goes to public places with HIJAB. And on the other side, in most of Middle East countries you can’t imagine to see woman in bikini. It’s just not possible. But here, in Dubai, that all looks cool together. It’s fine to do whatever you want to do as long as you are not disturbing someone. As you can see on this photo, two woman on the public beach, one in traditional local dress and the other one in bikini, looking and taking photos of camel.
e ova
On the end of the day, we are all just a human beings… ARE WE?