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Love and Photography

Sometimes you can’t find what makes you happy, but person who loves you discover it for you.

That was case with me and photography.

I was always impressed when I saw good photo. The way photographers play with the colors and angle.

Always wanted to learn and to start doing photography, but like everything else in a life, there was always something more important than buying camera.

If I knew how happy camera will make me, I would have bought one long time ago…

But I didn’t know how to treat myself well, if I can say so.

When I got married, soon my wife noticed that anytime we gone to shopping mall I spent “big time” in camera shops checking cameras, lenses, equipment and so…

And BOOM! First wedding anniversary, maybe few days before, I just came back from work, entered our apartment when I noticed gift wrapped in decorative paper on the table.

Big gift!

I could feel it that was camera. I don’t know how, but I felt.

My wife was sitting on the sofa, looking at me with always beautiful smile on her face, saying nothing, but the gesture on her face it was like: “c’mon, open it, what are you waiting for!”

So I grab it, and then slowly, with awesome feeling I started removing decorative paper, and box showed up.

Brand new Nikon D3200 with 2 lenses, stand, bag and some other equipment.

She was looking at me, and trust me, if you walked in to the room at that moment, you could feel the energy of my happiness, and happiness of my wife because she made me so happy.

I carefully installed all things together, took our selfie as a first photo ever with new camera and went out, started clicking on everything.

And that’s how everything started. Way later, I think I’ve made 100.000 photos in few months only.

Do I have talent-I don’t know, but for sure I’ve made some photos which made me feel awesome, and yes, some people said:” That’s good photo”

One went to National Geographic official site, some small competitions… But nothing cannot be compared to the feeling when you “freeze” the moment through lens.

This week is my birthday, and guess what-my wife just bought me brand new GoPro HERO4.

Do I have to describe how happy I’m!

Thank you God for wonderful wife…Actually is not just wife, it’s SUPERWIFE J

I’m sharing with you some photos from my collection, and soon I will share some GoPro moments.

Be Happy!

Beach Dubai
                              Arabic and European women at the public beach, Dubai
                                                   Tram, Taksim Street, Istanbul
Dubai Metro
                                                                           Dubai Metro
Sunset Istanbul
                                                                    Sunset, Istanbul
Hotel Igman
                                  Destroyed Hotel Igman, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
                                              Mosque in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dubai Marina by Night

If you love photography, you will understand.

There is nothing what could relax you and clear your head like taking your camera and follow the way camera takes you.

It’s always like that.

You go out to click just 2-3 photos just in front of your house. That’s the plan. Just few photos and you are back in 15 minutes.

And suddenly, few hours later you find your self kilometers away, hundreds photos made, time to get taxi to get back home.

Same happen to me all the time.

That how it was 5 night ago.

I wanted to try night mode, long exposure, etc.

Went out only to to try all that.

An then, 3 hours later, I was on the other side of Marina, probably made over 200 different photos, receiving a call from my wife asking me if I’m planing to come home 🙂

This are some photos made at that time.

I just love it!

Dubai Marina by Night Dubai Marina by Night Dubai Marina by Night Dubai Marina by Night

Golden Obsession

Walking around, day by day, I come across something what, I believe should impress everyone.

Golden cars, golden mobile phones, golden pens, golden this and that.

And for me as well, when I saw it for the first time, all that was “WOW”

Golden Bugatti Veyron, Golden Lamborghini… (golden or golden plated)

Than I stopped I start thinking for a moment.

Imagine, if, just if, all that wasted money has been shared to different people.

Just a small piece of that car or one golden pen with insane price it could change someones life forever.

It could pay the school, or surgery or whatever.

An yesterday we went to Dubai Mall, biggest shopping mall in the world and guest what.

We found many golden mobile phones. OK. Nothing new, but going further we spotted golden “Beats By Dr. Dre” headphones! And Speakers just next to it. Hmmm,,, and that wasn’t all! Just a minute later we found believe, or not-golden PLAY STATION 4 with the price of 88.888 AED what is above 20.000 EURO!

And yes, golden Lamborghini Aventador was parked inside the shop on 3th floor at the shopping mall :/

20.000 EURO, back in Bosnia, Serbia and many more countries you can by an apartment, start your own business, live few years normal life, save someones life, pay someones education etc.

And I know no one would believe, so I took a photo and added to other collection.

All photos are made in Dubai, last few months.

I could say-enjoy, but is it really something to enjoy or…I don’t know…

It’s just a small piece of all wastage happening around.

Not Impressed!

golden headphones dr dre beats golden play station golden bugatti veyron golden mercedes golden bugatti veyron golden Porsche golden rolls royce golden Lamborghini

Beautiful People

Traveling around, I really like to take photos of the people I came across.

My favorite are older and very young people.

I wanted just to share few photos with you, without writing a big article,however soon I’m planing to post some awesome photos of the people with a bit more of words 🙂

For those who like, can I call it-portraits, hope you will enjoy this small gallery.

All photos are made during our last visit to Istanbul.

Thank you for “passing by” my blog.

old people old people old people old people old people old people

Nature Power – Sand Storm Dubai

Today I would like to share with you few photos taken earlier this morning in Dubai, U.A.E

I’ve been here few years already and never saw this big desert storm.

The entire city collapsed.

dubai desert storm

Flight got delayed or canceled. The report said it was over 135 car accidents.

People who are on vacation here having difficult times since they all paid a lot of money, and all they can do is to spend a day in shopping malls where is very crowded since everyone is there.

One of the biggest problems is to get a taxi. Imagine over 20.000 ppl who should be at the beach or by the pool today, they all want to go to shopping malls, so everyone needs a taxy…And to get one, you have to wait like an hour.

What a interesting day.

Just a “small warning” from the Nature. Have a look at the photos.

Thank youdubai desert storm   dubai desert storm