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Golden Obsession

Walking around, day by day, I come across something what, I believe should impress everyone.

Golden cars, golden mobile phones, golden pens, golden this and that.

And for me as well, when I saw it for the first time, all that was “WOW”

Golden Bugatti Veyron, Golden Lamborghini… (golden or golden plated)

Than I stopped I start thinking for a moment.

Imagine, if, just if, all that wasted money has been shared to different people.

Just a small piece of that car or one golden pen with insane price it could change someones life forever.

It could pay the school, or surgery or whatever.

An yesterday we went to Dubai Mall, biggest shopping mall in the world and guest what.

We found many golden mobile phones. OK. Nothing new, but going further we spotted golden “Beats By Dr. Dre” headphones! And Speakers just next to it. Hmmm,,, and that wasn’t all! Just a minute later we found believe, or not-golden PLAY STATION 4 with the price of 88.888 AED what is above 20.000 EURO!

And yes, golden Lamborghini Aventador was parked inside the shop on 3th floor at the shopping mall :/

20.000 EURO, back in Bosnia, Serbia and many more countries you can by an apartment, start your own business, live few years normal life, save someones life, pay someones education etc.

And I know no one would believe, so I took a photo and added to other collection.

All photos are made in Dubai, last few months.

I could say-enjoy, but is it really something to enjoy or…I don’t know…

It’s just a small piece of all wastage happening around.

Not Impressed!

golden headphones dr dre beats golden play station golden bugatti veyron golden mercedes golden bugatti veyron golden Porsche golden rolls royce golden Lamborghini

Abandoned Luxury Cars Under the Dust-Dubai

Almost everyone has a “dream-car” Most of us would never have a chance to purchase the car we really want. From the other side, some are that lucky,they can purchase 1,2,3 or more dream cars and enjoy super rides. And that’s how it is. But what really make me sad, very sad-is to see all those abandoned cars around Dubai. There is a story that in 2008 when the crises started, over 60.000 cars were left near to the airport and some of them had keys inside. People were not able to pay car-loans and they had no choice but to leave the car, catch the flights and never come back. And believe me, there was amount of super cars. Ferrari Enzo (limited Edition). Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW M6, X5, Jaguar, Audi and much more… dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury carsdubai luxury cars  dubai luxury carsdubai luxury carsdubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars dubai luxury cars    dubai luxury cars

“The Shark” Citroen DS

Citroen DS or also know as Citroen “Shark” is my big aim.

Yes. One of my biggest dreams is to purchase that car.

Not for myself, but for my father who is in love with Citroen DS.

Once, long time ago, he had one. He purchased brand new “Shark” as a self-gift for one of his birthdays. I think it was 21st.

That time Citroen DS was awesome care to drive. Attraction. Special the part when you push the button and the “ass” of the car “lay-low”.

Rights to the owner
                                                                                            Rights to the owner

He had that car for couple years and later, like that was normal at that time, else he went for newer cars and other brands.

After that, in ’92. when war started in Yugoslavia, we lost everything, like most of the people in Bosnia.

For year later, we came back to our city and everything was destroyed.

We had no chance to think about every day normal things, special not about to have a car.

We had no money, no place to stay because our house was fully damaged and had to start from the beginning. From “0”.

Father got a job, somehow we started building our new house and little by little we got a chance to purchase a car. And may years later, we got another, and then another car, but all of that cars were some “regular” cars. Not really regular, because all of the were sport versions of particular model, but normal cars.

And somehow my dad got nostalgic. He did not miss so many things which he lost when the war started.

He is the person who believes that everything happens with good reason. So he accepted that we lost everything because God wanted so. Ad he “put” the same in our heads. So we also believe in that.

But one think he is really nostalgic about is his “Shark”…That old Citroen DS.

Like many others, who could no the value of that car back in the days. Who could imagine that even now, many,many years later that car would still be “a real deal” attraction.

And the price is amazing. Even so old, the car is very expensive. And is not overpriced, because it has got “that something”

And I really wish one day soon I can earn enough to purchase “Shark” and to surprise my father with it.

I think, if that’s happen, he would be the happiest man in the world. It would be like “nothing else matters”

One day,,,hopefully soon “InshAllah” (If God Wills)

Rights to the owner
                                                                                    Rights to the owner

Classic Cars Show Dubai 2015

Hi guys,

I would like to share with you-car lovers, some pics from latest Dubai Classic Car Show finished week ago.

It was amazing experience to see all that master pieces at same place.

Held on February, 2009, at the new venue in Downtown Dubai, the Emirates Classic Car Festival was billed as one of the most competitive events of its kind in the region.

There was a hundreds of classic cars from different countries showed on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Some private collectors showcased their exclusive collections.

Some of the cars were showed for first time in the public since the time of restoration.

This year it was 6th edition and as always it was amazing experience with so many beautiful and unique cars made between 1928-1984.

There were Corvette StingRay, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford and many many more.

Beside of classic, visitors were able to see some other custom cars, “Hot Rats”…

I’ve uploaded here my favorites, however if you would like to see full gallery,please click on this link:                                Classic Cars Gallery


Convertible Classic CarsClassic CarsCustom CarsCorvette Hot RatClassic CarsBack to the futureClassic CarsRolls Royce Classic CarsClassic CarsFord Mustang Classic Classic Cars