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Golden Obsession

Walking around, day by day, I come across something what, I believe should impress everyone.

Golden cars, golden mobile phones, golden pens, golden this and that.

And for me as well, when I saw it for the first time, all that was “WOW”

Golden Bugatti Veyron, Golden Lamborghini… (golden or golden plated)

Than I stopped I start thinking for a moment.

Imagine, if, just if, all that wasted money has been shared to different people.

Just a small piece of that car or one golden pen with insane price it could change someones life forever.

It could pay the school, or surgery or whatever.

An yesterday we went to Dubai Mall, biggest shopping mall in the world and guest what.

We found many golden mobile phones. OK. Nothing new, but going further we spotted golden “Beats By Dr. Dre” headphones! And Speakers just next to it. Hmmm,,, and that wasn’t all! Just a minute later we found believe, or not-golden PLAY STATION 4 with the price of 88.888 AED what is above 20.000 EURO!

And yes, golden Lamborghini Aventador was parked inside the shop on 3th floor at the shopping mall :/

20.000 EURO, back in Bosnia, Serbia and many more countries you can by an apartment, start your own business, live few years normal life, save someones life, pay someones education etc.

And I know no one would believe, so I took a photo and added to other collection.

All photos are made in Dubai, last few months.

I could say-enjoy, but is it really something to enjoy or…I don’t know…

It’s just a small piece of all wastage happening around.

Not Impressed!

golden headphones dr dre beats golden play station golden bugatti veyron golden mercedes golden bugatti veyron golden Porsche golden rolls royce golden Lamborghini

Future Fashion-Julian Hakes Mojito Women’s Shoes

O yeah.

Here we are. We had big discussion about this so called-shoes.

We went to Dubai Mall.The biggest mall in the world, just next to the tallest building in the world -Burj Khalifa.

And there is one full section for footwear.

So first question it was, can you really call this thing a footwear. I mean-really.

mojito shoesmojito shoes

This thing is Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes. I really appreciate art, fashion design and all related to that. But this was just to overpriced.

I know, my wife will write an article about how super-cool-awesome-beautiful this shoes are and everyone (girls) would support her opinion.

But for me, I’m really surprised to see this thing on the section footwear.price mojito shoes

And honestly, I would not even bother my self looking at it and writing all this if the price was not highlighted -850 AED (158 British Pounds or 218 Euro) AFTER DISCOUNT, something like “special promotion

So lets think this way, Air Max Nike you can buy for less money, and you can wear it for few years-every day, so that’s a value. Or you can buy super Adidas sport shoes. Or some casual shoes for work. And you know what you got. But this “thing”…just useless.

Where you are going to wear this. And look at the photos, it look so uncomfortable.

My wife will “give me” nicely for this post, but I had to share my opinion.

Hopefully I will not be forced to buy “this thing” ,because last time we were arguing about shoes, Isabel Marant Sneakers, I had to by one. 🙂

mojito shoes