Bio: About me...no.It's about us. We are young married couple, based in Dubai U.A.E, originally from Bosnia (Bosnia-you know,that small country which was part of Ex Yugoslavia), came across all this way looking for a better tomorrow. Two adventurous souls.She loves fashion, I love photography and cars. We both love traveling. This blog is about happenings coming across, day-by-day stories in and about life in Dubai and other places we travel, our adventures, photography and HER biggest love, that cute maltese dog-Bonny. Name of the blog Saso Mange is Gypsies word meaning something like "All and Everything". Other story is that Saso Mange was a man-street trader who always had everything you asked for. However the word is used very often in ex-Yu (eastern Europe) countries when you wand to say "all and everything". Now the important part to mention, English is not our mother language, so please forgive us if there is a lots of mistakes in typing. We love speaking "simple language" which can be understood by "every day normal guys". Your suggestions and ideas are more then welcome all the time! "I'm Mr. Right, and she is Mrs. Always Right!"

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