Grandpa’s Toboggan

It’s always good feeling to visit grandparents, specially if they live in the village.

Our grandparentIMG_8031s are nearly 80, but they still have a good sense of humor and it’s always a pleasure spending time with them.

This is a short story about our grandpa’s “toboggan”

It’s been our tradition passing from generation to generation, started nearly 50 years ago with my mother and uncle. Later on, about 35 years ago passed on to my sister, near to 30 years ago to myself and now-days to my sister’s wonderful kiddo!

Grandpa always wanted to make kids happy, and the best part is when he removes the door from the base-frame and lean the door to the sofa-bed “downhill” creating a “toboggan”

So back in the days we use to do so, now my nephew is so happy to run all way up to the top, and then to slide down playing like that for hours.

And always you can hear my grandma saying the same:”That’s enough, you will damage the door” 🙂
But honestly, it was never enough. Looking at my nephew, memories are coming back…


IMG_8026 IMG_8025

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