Nature Power – Sand Storm Dubai

Today I would like to share with you few photos taken earlier this morning in Dubai, U.A.E

I’ve been here few years already and never saw this big desert storm.

The entire city collapsed.

dubai desert storm

Flight got delayed or canceled. The report said it was over 135 car accidents.

People who are on vacation here having difficult times since they all paid a lot of money, and all they can do is to spend a day in shopping malls where is very crowded since everyone is there.

One of the biggest problems is to get a taxi. Imagine over 20.000 ppl who should be at the beach or by the pool today, they all want to go to shopping malls, so everyone needs a taxy…And to get one, you have to wait like an hour.

What a interesting day.

Just a “small warning” from the Nature. Have a look at the photos.

Thank youdubai desert storm   dubai desert storm

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