Company had open position for “Sales Executive” and management decided to have “open day” for interview in order to hire new employee.

There was around 30 candidates and everyone believed that he/she is the right candidate for opened position.

All candidates were well educated and experienced, faced already trick such as “Sell to me this pen.”

When someone tells you:”Sell me this pen…” you should not think a lot. You don’t have to plan strategy and big story, you should simply take piece of paper and ask person opposite you to sign the paper… And that’t it. Trick is so old, showed already in some movies as well, and almost every sales person knows about it.

But this time management went one step further.

After regular intro and presentation, manager started joking, telling different stories and made all candidates relaxed.
At certain moment manager slides the presentation screen and following appeared:
OLD CHINES QUOTE SAYS-机不可失,时不再来 and behind it was a smiley like this 😀


So everybody started laughing. Everyone but one guy who suddenly took his mobile phone and clicked a photo of the screen.

After that he left the room where the presentation was ongoing.
Manager looked after him shortly, but very next moment he continued the presentation.

7-10 minutes later the candidate who left the room came back and said loud:”OPPORTUNITY NEVER KNOCKS TWICE!”

Everybody looked at him!

He repeated:”Opportunity never knocks twice!”
Interviewer asked him to explain, and candidate said:”That’s the meaning of the Chines Quote from the screen. That’s my opportunity. I took a photo and went immediately to “Panda-Chines Restaurant” in front of the building, asked the Chef about meaning, and he translated the quote to me. He said there are two meanings. Other one is “NOW OR NEVER!”

That moment interview manager said that meeting is over, everybody can go, but not him, the guy who was repeating:”Opportunity never knocks twice!”
Most of the candidates were surprised, however everyone left the room.

The candidate get a job!

So, truth is, you never know where the next opportunity is going to come from! But better be ready.

Is not easy to be successful, otherwise everybody would be!
Young man told me few days ago that someone teach him that only way to be successful is to be the best in what he does. Even for example if you are just a bell boy at the hotel, the only way to grow is to be the best bell boy, best concierge, best reception…to the best General Manager.

Never Give Up!


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