Lamborghini Got a Fine

Where I’m coming from (and many other places, I’m sure you will agree) that would be impossible, but here in Dubai it’s absolutely normal that polic6454e officer make a parking fine for anyone-doesn’t matter what car person drives.

It was the case today with this $500.000 Lamborghini Aventador LP.
They guy parked just in front of residential building entrance and left. Few minutes later police officer came and put the fine on his windshield.
What I’ve used to see in other countries, if you are some rich guy than you can park anywhere you want and no one will bother you. If you are just some average guy with average or cheap car, every small mistake you make, police will fine you. It’s the same with parking.
If you are just a normal everyday normal guy and you park your car in front of the shop, once you get back in just few minutes, you will receive a fine. The guys with expensive cars can park anywhere and as long as they want.

So all I want to say is good to see some justice which is not judged by the car you drive or “depth of your wallet”.


Well done Dubai police.

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