Company had open position for “Sales Executive” and management decided to have “open day” for interview in order to hire new employee.

There was around 30 candidates and everyone believed that he/she is the right candidate for opened position.

All candidates were well educated and experienced, faced already trick such as “Sell to me this pen.”

When someone tells you:”Sell me this pen…” you should not think a lot. You don’t have to plan strategy and big story, you should simply take piece of paper and ask person opposite you to sign the paper… And that’t it. Trick is so old, showed already in some movies as well, and almost every sales person knows about it.

But this time management went one step further.

After regular intro and presentation, manager started joking, telling different stories and made all candidates relaxed.
At certain moment manager slides the presentation screen and following appeared:
OLD CHINES QUOTE SAYS-机不可失,时不再来 and behind it was a smiley like this 😀


So everybody started laughing. Everyone but one guy who suddenly took his mobile phone and clicked a photo of the screen.

After that he left the room where the presentation was ongoing.
Manager looked after him shortly, but very next moment he continued the presentation.

7-10 minutes later the candidate who left the room came back and said loud:”OPPORTUNITY NEVER KNOCKS TWICE!”

Everybody looked at him!

He repeated:”Opportunity never knocks twice!”
Interviewer asked him to explain, and candidate said:”That’s the meaning of the Chines Quote from the screen. That’s my opportunity. I took a photo and went immediately to “Panda-Chines Restaurant” in front of the building, asked the Chef about meaning, and he translated the quote to me. He said there are two meanings. Other one is “NOW OR NEVER!”

That moment interview manager said that meeting is over, everybody can go, but not him, the guy who was repeating:”Opportunity never knocks twice!”
Most of the candidates were surprised, however everyone left the room.

The candidate get a job!

So, truth is, you never know where the next opportunity is going to come from! But better be ready.

Is not easy to be successful, otherwise everybody would be!
Young man told me few days ago that someone teach him that only way to be successful is to be the best in what he does. Even for example if you are just a bell boy at the hotel, the only way to grow is to be the best bell boy, best concierge, best reception…to the best General Manager.

Never Give Up!

Happy Weekend

Question of the day is:”When it was last time that you treated yourself and person you love the way you deserve to be treated!?”

I mean, nothing much, just a simple one. Quiet place, at the beach, in the forest, near to the lake, cheap fast food meal, switched off mobile phone, disconnected WiFi or 3G, and only two of you in different dimension. Table for two, or just a two towels. But your own world, created by your love. Talk about future, about past, about positive things, about love…7

Forget about office, about job, about credit card you have to pay, about car loan, about problems in the world…

Treat your self and person you love!

Remember, if you don’t treat yourself the way you deserve, no one else will do!

So get ready for the weekend. Surprise your partner with something new, small but nice gift, just a rose, organize a “getaway picnic” and enjoy!


Sunset, somehow for me the best part of the day.

Some people prefer sunrise, some people like noon. I like sunset.
Exactly that part when you can see the movement of the sun, going behind the hill or touching the water of the sea, so far, but so near.

That few seconds, maybe minutes it’s always open my mind with hundreds of questions.

Most of the time I ask myself if I’m doing right think by being so focused of my career, working so hard for some “better tomorrow” which may, but it may not come.

Maybe I should just quick everything, take my wife’s hand and hit the road.

Go for some trip around world, visit all that awesome places and enjoy the sunsets all over the world.

How does sunset look like on Chines Wall?

Or Phuket, Thailand.

Or Bali, Indonesia?

Or maybe Bahamas, Costa Rica, Cuba, or other exotic places.

What about Tibet?

Should we go by plane, train, a bike?
Where we gonna stay? Who cares, we would bring a tent and stay under the stars! Yes. That’s good idea.

Double Tree JBR - Final Shoot, Edited Images 26

For sure.

Yes, we are going. Tomorrow I will resign my job and we will hit the road.

And that’s it. Sun is already gone behind the line between sea and the sky.

I have to get back to the office.

My favorite part of the day is gonne s fast.

I have to wait tomorrow to continue the road trip with my wife, happening only in my head!

Maybe I will never get to know how the sunset looks like from the Chines Wall.

Mercedes SLS AMG vs Ferrari 458 Italia

I’ve got a chance to “catch” this two beautiful cars at same place. I’m big car lover and I have spent a loot of time walking around and enjoying for me this beautiful view. Those who love cars would understand 🙂 First question in my head it was:”What if i got a chance (in my dreams) to choose between this two cars, which one I would take?” As per my knowledge Mercedes SLS AMG cost starts from 180.000 USD Ferrari 458 Italia is “a bit” more expensive, with starting price of 220.000 USD. It’s not necessary to discuss performance, because I thing both cars got amazing performance that is not possible to “overcome” by us-normal people. DSC_0123 That’s topic to be discussed by the people on F1 track, since that’s the only place where you can drive those cars up to their limit. However it would be so nice to own any of them, if nothing just to take them for a ride on some special occasions. Let’s hope, who knows, maybe one day when other cars start flying, this two will be affordable to us. 🙂   DSC_0126

The Contrast

One of my favorite photos taken lately.
I was walking around Jumeirah public beach when I notices this interesting contrast.
I call it “Contrast” because it’s shows mix of cultures. In the world we live, on one side, example most of Europe Union countries woman is not allowed to walk around with “HIJAB” (to be covered). In some of the countries they fine woman if she goes to public places with HIJAB. And on the other side, in most of Middle East countries you can’t imagine to see woman in bikini. It’s just not possible. But here, in Dubai, that all looks cool together. It’s fine to do whatever you want to do as long as you are not disturbing someone. As you can see on this photo, two woman on the public beach, one in traditional local dress and the other one in bikini, looking and taking photos of camel.
e ova
On the end of the day, we are all just a human beings… ARE WE?

Lamborghini Got a Fine

Where I’m coming from (and many other places, I’m sure you will agree) that would be impossible, but here in Dubai it’s absolutely normal that polic6454e officer make a parking fine for anyone-doesn’t matter what car person drives.

It was the case today with this $500.000 Lamborghini Aventador LP.
They guy parked just in front of residential building entrance and left. Few minutes later police officer came and put the fine on his windshield.
What I’ve used to see in other countries, if you are some rich guy than you can park anywhere you want and no one will bother you. If you are just some average guy with average or cheap car, every small mistake you make, police will fine you. It’s the same with parking.
If you are just a normal everyday normal guy and you park your car in front of the shop, once you get back in just few minutes, you will receive a fine. The guys with expensive cars can park anywhere and as long as they want.

So all I want to say is good to see some justice which is not judged by the car you drive or “depth of your wallet”.


Well done Dubai police.