One Love For Parents

Few days ago I was walking down the street, Jumeirah road in Dubai, taking some photos, enjoying day. Than I’ve noticed this scene captured in video.
People, Indian people were working on the constructions building, time of sunset, but still very hot…I think all of you heard how hot is in Dubai with all that humidity.
Anyhow, construction work is hard work even if it is done by nice weather.
Just few steps away, small kid were playing Indian favorite game cricket.
It’s nothing unusual, but it’s came to my mind…Those workers on the construction building may be parents of kids who are playing cricket. And than I remember my parents. And parents of all of us.
All life after our birth, all what most parents do, they do for us. Their children. They just want to make us happy, to provide us with food, good education, to try to make our life easier as much as possible. Even if they have to struggle by hard work or anything else.
But we will all admit, that most of the time we are not really thankful for all what they have done for us. Maybe all of us could do a bit better to make our parents happy. We grow up, we go away from home, came just sometimes here and there…Calling once per week, month…But one day we may be sorry because we did not spend more time and give more love to our parents.
Sometimes truth is so sad…
One love for our parents! God bless

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